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The “Booked On Media” Live Media & Marketing Training includes:

  • 12 LIVE calls with Tim Burt & Bruce Serbin (includes Q&A + Calls are recorded and uploaded into our private Facebook community)
  • Getting your marketing and messaging on point ASAP
  • Dividing your expertise so you can sell more of your stuff ASAP
  • Preparing you to be interviewed on ANY platform with LIVE interview practice
  • How to control ANY interview
  • The emails & pitch templates to send to REAL, VERIFIED MEDIA outlets
  • None of this “Pay to play” garbage being pushed by fake influencers
  • Special bonus calls with actual media personalities so you can hear what they’re looking for right now
  • And A LOT MORE…


A $22,000 value for just one payment of $999!

You also get THESE BONUSES!

The Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to look at every aspect of your business. This Checklist can help you plug in the missing pieces, which could be costing you more money.

You'll also discover ways to protect what you've worked so hard to build - your data, website, intellectual property, etc. 

A close up picture of an open book

Write A Book in 3 Hours

Why has it taken you years to write your book? Odds are, it's because you are looking at books in a traditional sense.

When you view a book as a business card on steroids, that simple shift changes the game entirely. Tim will show you how he wrote his last 2 books in 3 hours - and how you can, too.

A close up photo of a television digital camera

Get Your Demo Reel

A critical part of getting booked on media outlets is having a video demo. But what if you've never been interviewed on TV, radio, or a podcast?

Bruce & Tim will show you exactly how to  quickly create your first "sizzle" (or demo) reel so those media outlets can see how you perform on camera.


Zoom Like A Pro

Want your home to look and sound like a professional studio on your television interviews?

Tim Burt gives you tips and tricks to turn almost any space in your home into a broadcast-quality space.

These hacks are FREE or really cheap!

Templates & Emails

Bruce Serbin will give you THREE pitch templates to send out to start getting interviews. Just fill in the blanks, and hit send. 

PLUS - you'll get 200 current emails of producers at radio & tv stations, so you'll make sure your pitch is being seen by the right people. 

TWO Super SPECIAL BONUSES for the FIRST FIVE WHO ENROLL (a $3,000 value)


  • You'll get TWO 1-1 CALLS (30 minutes each) with Tim and Bruce personally. ($500 value)

  • After your first media interview, Bruce will personally critique your interview and show you how to improve your skills. ($2500 value)

Booked On Media comes with a no-questions asked money back guarantee.

If you attend the first 7 calls with Tim live and in-person from start to finish, and for whatever reason feel that the incredible information you received in those Booked On Media calls is not right for you, and hasn't helped your business immediately, just ask for your money back. We'll gladly issue a refund. No hard feelings.

But, you won't be able to join this class ever again in the future.

PLUS you can KEEP these three bonuses:

  • The Preposterous Checklist
  • Tim's "Quickie Book" Training
  • The "Zoom Like A Pro" video

You can KEEP $3,000 in gifts.

You literally have NOTHING to lose.


Calls with Tim (all calls at 8pm EST)

*dates and times subject to change

January 12, 19, 24, 26, 31, February 2

Live calls with Bruce Serbin TBA

5-Star Reviews for Booked On Media

Want to know that Booked On Media works? 

Don't take our word for's a collection of reviews from a former class - who all happen to be hypnotists (no joke).

Before getting help from Tim & Bruce...

These folks just like you had books published, but no media attention, and sales suffered.

After getting help from Tim & Bruce...

Just look at all those tv and media appearances.


Meet Your Instructors

Tim Burt

Tim Burt has more than 30,000 commercials to his name, which have sold over $500 million of goods and products globally.

Former CBS Radio (16 years), and 25 years in radio.

Inventor of The QR Market™

Tim’s official website:

Bruce Serbin

Bruce Serbin (8-time Emmy Award-winning publicist) has created publicity campaigns for Nick Cannon, Kevin Harrington, Brian Tracy, and other high-profile celebrities.

After a successful television career in Tampa, Florida, Bruce shifted his focus to helping business owners and entrepreneurs get exposure on all forms of mass media.

Bruce’s official website:

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