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Here's what you'll learn:

  • A simple, repeatable speech that you can use for any talk, anywhere.

  • Easily sell from the stage without being sleazy or slimy

  • "Tell your story" without sounding self-centered or egotistical

  • Construct your talk so you give useful info so people trust you faster

  • Teaching the audience without giving away your "How's" (which cost you sales)

  • How to use your existing lead magnets to increase your sales from the stage (in-person and online)

  • An easy framework that can be shortened or lengthened fast



The Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to look at every aspect of your business. This Checklist can help you plug in the missing pieces, which could be costing you more money.

You'll also discover ways to protect what you've worked so hard to build - your data, website, intellectual property, etc. 

The Secret Blueprint

Tim Burt created "The Secret Blueprint" so you can discover where you should be advertising - FAST.

Once you've identified your audience, a quick scan of "The Secret Blueprint" will tell you where you should be focusing your marketing efforts, saving you time & money.

Attracting Media

Everything you haven't been told about getting those elusive tv, radio, podcast, and magazine appearances...until now.

Bruce Serbin walks you through the insider secrets to getting you massive media exposure.

You get lifetime access to "Atracting Media."

Zoom Like A Pro

Want your home to look and sound like a professional studio on your television interviews?

Tim Burt gives you tips and tricks to turn almost any space in your home into a broadcast-quality space.

These hacks are FREE or really cheap!

Templates & Emails

Bruce Serbin will give you THREE pitch templates to send out to start getting interviews. Just fill in the blanks, and hit send. 

PLUS - you'll get 200 current emails of producers at radio & tv stations, so you'll make sure your pitch is being seen by the right people. 

TWO Super SPECIAL BONUSES for the FIRST FIVE WHO ENROLL (a $3,000 value)


  • You'll get TWO 1-1 CALLS (30 minutes each) with Tim and Bruce personally. ($500 value)

  • After your first media interview, Bruce will personally critique your interview and show you how to improve your skills. ($2500 value)

Booked On Media comes with a no-questions asked money back guarantee.

If you attend the first 7 calls with Tim live and in-person, and for whatever reason feel that Booked On Media is not right for you, and hasn't helped your business immediately, just ask for your money back. We'll gladly issue a refund. No hard feelings.

PLUS you can KEEP these three bonuses:

  • The Checklist
  • Tim's "Secret Blueprint"
  • "Zoom Like A Pro" video

You can KEEP $3,000 in gifts. You literally have NOTHING to lose.

5-Star Reviews for Booked On Media

Want to know that Booked On Media works? 

Don't take our word for's a collection of reviews from a former class - who all happen to be hypnotists (no joke).

Before getting help from Tim & Bruce...

These folks just like you had books published, but no media attention, and sales suffered.

After getting help from Tim & Bruce...

Just look at all those tv and media appearances.


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